CAC Qualified Instructors

Roger Antonioli

Roger Antonioli currently serves as Senior Account Manager for Scales Air Compressor Corporation at its Sharon Hill, PA Facility.

Roger has over 30 years of experience in the field of compressed air sales and marketing and during these years, he has held such positions as field sales engineer, sales manager, and vice president of sales and marketing for compressed air distributors.

With a Masters degree in Education, and a B.A. in English, Roger spent 12 years prior to his compressed air career as a professional English and reading teacher at the high school level.

Over the years Roger has been able to couple his educational background and teaching skills with his knowledge of compressed air systems for the purpose of instructing his clientele on the proper utilization of compressed air, and the inherent energy dollar savings they will accrue by implementing a well thought out and engineered air system.

Qualified For

  • Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems

Contact Information

Roger Antonioli
Scales Industrial Technologies, Inc.
1500 Tribbitt Avenue
Sharon Hill, PA 19079
610-588-8480 fax: 610-588-8481