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Brent Ehrlich

Brent Ehrlich can best be described as a creative, hands-on Technical Designer/Problem Solver. He is an Honors graduate of Southern Illinois University where he studied Design Science under R Buckminster Fuller. His first US patent came out of course work on polyhedra. The synergistic approach to problem solving taught there coupled with a diverse background and a useful understanding of the laws of physics, help him in seeing the "big picture:" identifying core issues and finding workable solutions in a wide range of applications.

In the early years of his career he concentrated on solar energy and energy conservation, designing: a collector for which he holds his second US patent; an innovative self-contained air handling unit; and the world's largest residential system featuring 50,000 gallon underground annual-cycle energy storage. In that field, he often lectured and developed and taught courses. He served on the State of Illinois Department of Education's energy curriculum committee, Illinois Solar Association board of Directors, and the Illinois Solar Energy resource advisory council. He was also a technical reviewer for Argonne National Laboratory's grants program.

He entered the compressed air field as the System Specialist for a distributor in North Carolina and Virginia and was later promoted to Sales Manager. While there, he pioneered advancements in areas ranging from data acquisition techniques to products used to manage condensate flow to innovative system redesigns. Brent has performed numerous audits that have resulted in considerable (up to 75%) savings both in power and maintenance for his clients. Innovative software he developed for analyzing the data from an audit, coined Flow-Based Analysis, makes it possible for him to computer model future performance by putting together actual recorded system behavior with variables for proposed equipment. He is a graduate of CEESI's Advanced Flow Measurement Course on compressible gasses where, alongside NASA scientists, he learned what few of his competitors have: the correct placement and type of meter needed for a given job. He is one of two dozen Qualified Instructors with the Department of Energy's Compressed Air Challenge training program. Brent currently owns and operates Air Services as an independent consultant to industrial compressed air users and his solutions take a global (synergistic) view of air systems - supply side to end users on the production floor - as one system.

Qualified For

  • Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems

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Brent Ehrlich
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