Advisory Committees

The following are CAC Advisory Committees:

  • Strategic Partnerships Advisory Committee
    Board Chair and CAC Staff Support, Joe Ghislain

Committee Goal: Leverage the CAC with partners for the purpose of generating measurable revenue

Members: Dave Booth, Milton Boyce, Pat Haller, Jan Hoetzel, Clay Hoover, Dan Keating, Ram Kondapi, John Nicol, Tom Osborn, Ethan Rogers

  • Project Implementation Advisory Committee
    Board Chair and CAC Staff Support, Joe Ghislain

Committee Goals: 

  • Convene after the Board of Directors meets to identify working groups for specific projects
  • Working groups will be project specific and exist for the duration of the project only 
  • Working groups will have their own volunteer group and report back to the Chair
  • If project is training-related, then the Chair will work to ensure instructor review for proper content, professional material development workbook, text etc. 
  • The committee may also, through these meetings, develop ideas to present back to the Board  

Members: TBD

  • Marketing and Social Media Advisory Committee
    Board Chair, Clay Hoover
    CAC Staff Support, Ron Marshall

Committee Goals:

  • Develop a plan to build awareness for the purpose of generating revenue
  • Update website and keep relevant 
  • Build a social media presence and monitor
  • Identify conferences and speaking engagements 
  • Develop promotion items

Members: Greg Ashe, Steve Briscoe, Joe Ghislain

  • Instructor Coordination Advisory Committee
    Board Chair, Frank Moskowitz
    CAC Staff Support: Ron Marshall

Committee Goals:

  • Establish regular communication with instructors
  • Discuss training updates 
  • Discuss training and marketing

Members: CAC Qualified Instructors