Advisory Committees

The following are CAC Advisory Committees:

  • Marketing and Social Media Advisory Committee
    Chair, Clay Hoover

Committee Goals:

  • Develop a plan to build awareness for the purpose of generating revenue
  • Update website and keep relevant 
  • Build a social media presence and monitor
  • Identify conferences and speaking engagements 
  • Develop promotion items

Members: Steve Briscoe, Joe Ghislain, Jan Hoetzel

  • Training Strategy Advisory Committee
    Chair, Jan Hoetzel

Committee Goals:

  • Develop the new intermediate training course

Members: Joe Ghislain, Sandy Glatt, Ram Kondapi, Ron Marshall, Tom Taranto, Doug Woodward, Jeff Yarnall

  • Training Materials Advisory Committee
    Chair, Frank Moskowitz

Committee Goals:

  • Explore options for the Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems manual 
  • Incorporate SI units into current training materials
  • Identify printing and access options for the BPM and workbooks 

Members: Dave Booth, Jan Hoetzel, Ron Marshall, Paul Sheaffer, Tom Taranto, Doug Woodward, Jeff Yarnall

  • Curriculum Review Advisory Committee
    Interim Chair, Joe Ghislain

Committee Goals:

  • Address updates to the material at the end of each calendar year

Members: Chris Beals, Dave Booth, Steve Briscoe, Jeff Yarnall

  • Strategic Partnerships/Outreach Advisory Committee
    Chair, Joe Ghislain

Committee Goals:

  • Leverage the CAC with partners for the purpose of generating measurable revenue
  • Manage the affiliate program

Members: Dave Booth, Ram Kondapi, Tom Osborn, Paul Sheaffer

  • Instructor Management Advisory Committee
    Co-Chairs, Matt Dooley, Ram Kondapi, Frank Moskowitz

Committee Goals:

  • Review new instructor applications annually
  • Develop a system for electronic evaluations and tracking
  • Monitor instructor effectiveness and eligibility