Compressed air system assessment and analysis software
A software package to help you maximize the efficiency and performance of your compressed air system(s) through improved operations and maintenance (O&M) practices.


Announcing LogTool
The CAC is pleased to announce the availability of LogTool software a data importation and analysis aid for users of AIRMaster+ software. Developed by SBW Consulting, Inc. and the Compressed Air Challengeā„¢, with financial support from CAC sponsors, LogTool is designed to assist in the analysis of compressed system performance measurements. It is a companion tool for AIRMaster+, available from the CAC and the US Department of Energy.

LogTool is designed to:

  • Import data which is exported from different types of data loggers.
  • Select logger data channels and modify their properties, e.g., name, type, units, etc.
  • View data values for one or more logger channels.
  • Display trend plots with one or two Y axes.
  • Display scatter plots.
  • Display daytype plots in the format that is needed for AIRMaster
  • Download the Tool (19 MB)