Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems

(Level 1) - In-Person Training

This is a one-day introductory course designed to teach facility engineers, operators and maintenance staff how to achieve 15-25% cost savings through more effective production and use of compressed air. This is also available as a webinar. Check our calendar for the next sessions. Participants will learn how to:

  1. Calculate the energy cost of compressed air in their facility;
  2. Improve compressed air system efficiency and reliability;
  3. Identify inappropriate uses of compressed air;
  4. Establish a baseline by which they can measure improvements in compressed air performance and efficiency;
  5. Match system supply to actual production requirements for pressure and flow;
  6. Find and fix leaks;
  7. Establish a leak prevention program, and
  8. Better control compressed air to improve productivity and profitability.

When you register, you will be sent an information packet including materials you will complete prior to the training. This information will be critical as you use data to calculate cost and performance in your specific facility.

Additional Information

  • Hosts may charge up to $475 per person
  • Fixed labor of $1,250 per instructor
  • Workbook and Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems Manual Required (pricing in bookstore)
  • Training typically held from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Refunds vary by host

For more information about upcoming training dates, please click here to link directly to the training calendar or email for more information.