Workshop Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I host or co-host a CAC training workshop?

CAC workshops provide clear benefits to both the host and those attending the training. For the hosts it is an opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers and provide genuine value. The technical training is also of great value to your technical and sales staff.

In addition, 76% of all industrial attendees actually implement compressed air projects following the CAC training. Attendees benefit from improved system reliability and typically save 17% of compressed air energy costs.

Who typically attends the CAC trainings?

Anyone with compressed air responsibilities typically hosts CAC training. Attendees include compressed air professionals of all types. Frequent attendees include manufacturing plant technicians, maintenance staff, and supervisors; consulting engineers; and distributors' technical and sales staff.

Who are the CAC workshop instructors and how are they selected?

Without question, CAC instructors are world class. Most have many years of technical field experience in the compressed air industry. See the CAC website for specific details. The CAC instructors have been trained and certified to present CAC workshops. They are located in all regions of the US. CAC will help you select a nearby certified instructor to help minimize travel costs.

What is included in the "hosting kit" provided by the CAC?

The hosting kit provides very detailed step-by-step guidance for every detail of hosting and presenting a CAC workshop. It includes a wide variety of useful documents that can be customized by hosts and used for workshop marketing, registration and other purposes.

What materials are needed for the trainings and how to I purchase them?

The Fundamentals training requires the workbook and the Best Practices Manual. For the Advanced course, you simply need to purchase the workbook. Each participant must receive their own workbook and manual. You can purchase all of the materials through the CAC bookstore, but will need to contact for the username and password to receive the host rates mentioned above. Prices below:


  • BPM - $85
  • L1 Workbook - $50
  • L2 Workbook - $70
  • No Copyrights Copying Available

CAC SPONSOR PRICING (10-20% discount from non-sponsor pricing based on Sponsor level)

Can I share hosting responsibilities and costs with others?

Yes, co-hosting a training can make a lot of sense. You and your co-hosts generally split costs and profits. Most important, your co-hosts will help you market the training through their contacts or customers. The CAC has found an effective partnership often includes service providers, a local utility, a manufacturer, and a local government or business association.

I don't have my own training room. Where can I hold the training workshop?

There are many options for training sites, many of which involve no rental costs. Co-hosts may have training facilities or classroom space available. Local utilities, community colleges or state energy agencies may also have space available.

I want to host the training but am short staffed. Can I get help with setting up and promoting the training?

Sharing responsibilities with a co-host will help a lot. Utilities, for example, often can provide assistance with marketing and workshop logistics.

How much can hosts charge for tuition for CAC workshops? Is this payable to the workshop hosts?

All tuition payments are retained by hosts to cover costs. The maximum a host may charge is $475 for the one day Fundamentals class and $750 for the two day Advanced class. However, some hosts choose to reduce these costs to further encourage attendance.

What are the costs of hosting a CAC training?

A variety of factors affect the costs (or profits) associated with hosting a CAC workshop. Major factors include: 1) number of co-hosts 2) rental costs for training room 3) level of workshop attendance and tuition payments and 4) travel costs for CAC instructors.

A well attended workshop utilizing nearby instructors and low cost training facilities can produce a modest profit for co-hosts. Conversely, a poorly marketed, high cost workshop can result in high costs for a sole host.

Can I host the training on my own? What is the CAC role in this?

The CAC training coordinator will be your major contact and information source as you move forward. Since the training material is proprietary, you will need to purchase all materials through the CAC bookstore.

I am in the business of selling products and services. What does it mean that the CAC training is "product neutral"?

Regardless of your commercial product or service, the CAC training provides excellent and unbiased information to attendees. The CAC training avoids any endorsement of specific commercial equipment or services.