Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems (L2) Candidate Process

Phase I - Application

  1. Complete Application - Online Questionnaire
  2. Selection Committee Review - Annually in December
  3. Interview before December 31st [by telephone conference call]

Phase II - Co-Teaching and Evaluation

Each candidate will be required to team teach an Advanced workshops with an approved CAC instructor, who will evaluate the candidate’s performance

Phase III - Final Selection

Final selections will be made by the committee and recommended to the CAC Board of Directors for approval

Criteria and Caveats

  • Applicants must have proof of attending the CAC's Advancement Management of Compressed Air Systems training and have relevant professional industry experience
  • Applicants must be approved CAC L1 instructors
  • Applicants must have taught at least three times in the last three years with a combination of L1 and or L2 training
  • The CAC Board of Directors will approve no more than two total L2 instructors annually
  • The CAC is not responsible for scheduling trainings for instructors and does not guarantee that trainings will be available for all of instructors annually
  • The applicant may appeal the lead instructor's recommendation and team teach with a different qualified CAC instructor