Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems - Ameren Illinois customers only

August 27, 2024
Leidos/Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program
1101 Eastport Plaza Dr
Collinsville, IL 62234


Instructor: Joe Ghislain

Attendance is free but limited to Ameren Illinois customers and free lunch is provided

This in-person workshop is designed to teach facility engineers, operators, and maintenance staff how they can achieve 15-25 percent cost savings through proper operation and controls, system maintenance, and appropriate uses of compressed air. Both the in-person and web-based classes utilize the same basic content and adhere to the CAC's principles of product-neutrality and a focus on the systems approach to managing compressed air. Every student completing the course will receive the renowned, Best Practices of Compressed Air Systems manual.

The curriculum:

  1. Introduction,
  2. Why Care About Air,
  3. Study Your Supply Side,
  4. Understand Your Demands,
  5. Are You On Base,
  6. Controls,
  7. Maintain System Efficiency,
  8. Get With the Plan and,
  9. Summary-Evaluation.

Contact: Thomas Tyler at 636.375.9302